Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we pick up or drop off our luggage at the airport?
The courier will meet you outside passenger arrivals/departures. This is where taxis and shuttle buses pick up and drop off passengers. We will notify you once the courier arrives.

What Regions do you service?
We service the New York Metropolitan Area as well as parts of New Jersey and Long Island. 

Do you have a physical location?
We have a physical drop off location partner in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Call us at 844-448-3547 for details.

Can I store my bags overnight?
Of course. You can store you bags for as many days as you want, not just a single night.

I am an Airbnb host, what if I don't want to advertise that I am using Airbnb in front of my listing?
We understand that you may not want to have it advertised that you are hosting guests in front of your premise. You can choose a meeting point for your guest at a location away from your listing (such as a local coffee shop, or restaurant) and we will be happy to meet your guest there.  

What are your hours?
24 hours, though please note there are additional fees apply between 7pm–7am

Is my luggage safe and secure?
Yes, we probably treat your bags better than you treat your bags. Tamper evident tags are also available upon request. 

Are you insured?
Our total liability for items lost or damaged is half the purchase price of each item up to $50. 

How do I pay?
Credit Only 

What if I need my luggage earlier than the scheduled pick up time?
No problem, you must call at least 60 minutes after your pick up time or you may incur late or new reservation fees. 

Can I change my location?
No problem, you must call at least 60 minutes after your pick up time or incur late or new reservation fees. 

Can I trust that you will be on time, I have a flight to catch?
Yes, we have never had a customer miss their flight. If you happen to be the first customer to miss a flight because we are delayed, we will get your luggage to you on our dime. 

What if I am late?
Our pick up and drop off window is 15 minutes from the reservation time. After this window you are entitled to a 5% refund per 15 minutes late, and you are responsible for a $5.99 late fee per bag, per 15 minutes. Please allow enough time to accommodate this delivery window. (The late fee does not apply to incoming flights/cruises/buses)

Any additional questions please call us at 844-448-3547

Team FYA!