We are a friendly and reliable luggage service based in New York. We will collect your bags, store and then deliver them to you.

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New York’s only mobile luggage service. We get your bags where you need them, on time.

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    We deliver to any place within our NYC/New Jersey delivery area.

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Once you've booked you'll be free to make the most of your time in New York free of luggage. Let us do the hard work for you.

Founded by New York local Trevor Bayack in 2015. Since then we’ve delivered over 11,000 bags, getting them where they needed to be.

I could not possibly recommend this service more, while you are in transit in NYC. Fantastic response time, and they make every effort to cooperate with the client's schedule. I arrived at LaGuardia airport in the morning where they picked up my bags, and delivered them to me at the JFK airport in the evening perfectly on time. I had to change the drop-off time for my bag, and they handled it very well. It saved me a lot of hassle in lugging a heavy bag around all day. I hope this service is expanded to other cities also. Very friendly and great experience!


Great idea, very well executed, excellent price. Communication was easy, helpful and effective. We had 6 bags delivered to Terminal 5 at JFK, were 40 minutes early. So was the driver - a brief message and 5 minutes later we had the bags. Absolutely recommended.

Helmut P

We had a great experience with Free Your Arms. Checked out of our Airbnb in Manhattan in the morning and the van was there waiting to collect our luggage. Then we were free to spend the day sightseeing and head out to the airport at our own pace, free of our bags. The van met us out the front of the terminal at JFK, and we could contact the driver by text. The whole experience was seamless and I would definitely use it again. Thank you!

Sarah J

Great service! Well worth the money. They showed up when and where they were supposed to. Very friendly. Would use it again anytime I'm in NYC.

Craig T

This was a WONDERFUL service. Excellent communication, picked up and delivered our bags exactly how they said. Free Your Arms is the only service in New York that we found that took our luggage from our hotel and kept it until we were at the airport, where they brought us our luggage. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Jen C

Legit service that I will use from now until eternity on my NYC trips. They picked up my luggage in the morning at my airbnb then handed it to me at my terminal at the airport. We communicated via text and phone. The convenience and kind service was worth every penny. Made my last day adventuring in NYC carefree!

Korinna K

You just tell them when to pick it up and where to drop it off and what time and the rest is history. A brilliant business idea. You see the very distinctive van coming so you're not guessing what vehicle it is.

Wolette S

Fantastic service! We have used free your arms twice and had great experiences both times. They arrived early to pick up our bags and were at the airport gate early as well. No stress and it was great to not have to try to lug our bags around at all except to check in. The guy that picked up our bags was the same both times and super friendly. Would HIGHLY recommend and completely worth every penny.

Daniella B

Excellent service, reasonably priced and so convenient! They picked up several sets of my family's luggage at our Brooklyn AirBnB to be delivered to different places at different times. They were responsive, fast and courteous. They took the stress off of getting to the airport with all our luggage and allowed us to have a relaxed, fun last day in NYC!

Heather M

Memorable NYC

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Free Your Arms runs a 100% distributed team who live, work and sometimes travel all around the world, contributing to our organic growth while working remotely, efficiently, and with purpose.

In addition to our unique service we have worked with a number of exciting New York institutions to better help their customers.

If you’re interested in finding out more please get in touch with us partners@freeyourarms.com

Common Questions

Where will we pick up or drop off our luggage at the airport?
The courier will meet you outside the passenger arrivals/departures terminal. This is where taxis and shuttle buses pick up and drop off passengers. We will notify you with a specific passenger pickup area once the courier arrives.
What Regions do you service?
We service the New York Metropolitan Area as well as parts of New Jersey and Long Island.
Do you have a physical location?
Yes, please check our Counter Service locations on our booking form.
Can I store my bags overnight?
Of course. You can store your bags for as many nights as you want!
What are your hours?
We offer a 24 hour delivery service, though please note that additional fees apply between 7pm–7am.
Is my luggage safe and secure?
Yes, your bags are stored in climate controlled units with 24 hour surveillance. This facility is closed to the general public. Tamper evident tags are also available upon request.
Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured for up to $5000 total liability for lost or damaged items. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details on items covered.
How do I pay?
Once you've got your quote you can go through to our secure online checkout. Our drivers are not able to accept any cash as payment.
What if I need to add or subtract bags?
Please contact customer service at +1 844 – 448 – 3547 or respond to your email confirmation to add or subtract bags.
What if I need my luggage returned earlier than the scheduled time?
We suggest notifying us at most 60 minutes after your reservation starts to avoid additional fees.
Can I trust that you will be on time, I have a flight to catch?
Yes, we have never had a customer miss their flight. If you happen to be the first customer to miss a flight because we are delayed, we will get your luggage to you on our dime.
What if I am late?

FOR DELIVERIES: Our pick-up and drop-off window is 15 minutes following your reservation times. If we do not hear from you, the courier will leave at 10 minutes past your reservation time, and your order will be canceled without a refund. At this point you will have to make a new reservation if you still require service. Please allow enough time to accommodate this delivery window. (The late fee does not apply to incoming flights/cruises/buses provided you leave us your travel information) (However you will not be entitled to a refund without notice of delay at least 90 minutes before your reservation start time) Best practice is to notify us as soon as you know you are delayed.

FOR COUNTER-SERVICE: Your reservation window is one hour following your reservation times after which point late fees will go into effect. In addition there is a $24.99 after hours fee that goes into effect at 7:00pm and a $4.99 per bag daily fee that goes into effect at midnight.

If you are late and can't collect your luggage on time then we can ship it to you. This is charged separately and will include a handling fee.

Can I leave/pick-up my bags from my hotel front desk?
Yes we recommend it, just make sure you clear it with your hotel and let us know.

If you've got a not so common question then please call us

🇺🇸  844 – 448 – 3547